A Message from ADDC 2001 President

I have been asked many times in the 30+ years of membership in ADDC just “what does it mean to you”. So, I came up with this answer: EDUCATION – I have learned so many things about our industry! Things that I may never “use” in my part of the oil patch, but interesting things that I have thoroughly enjoyed! TRAVEL – I can’t even begin to list the places I’ve gone, the things I’ve seen. I’ve taken advantage of field trips that have really been able to show me the things I have just read on field reports. And I’ve been able to visit different and exciting cities, always enjoying the local flavor and beauty in each one! FRIENDSHIPS – This is a biggie – I have now long-time friends that share Desk and Derrick with me, but even more so, have shared their personal lives with me! We’ve shared weddings, funerals, babies, lost and found animals, and everything in between. They have been there for me at a moment’s notice, and I do the same for them! So what does my membership in Desk and Derrick mean to me? It means EVERYTHING! It means I am a part of an organization that learns and grows, together! We make a difference, each of us, in our corner of the North American continent and beyond! It will forever be a part of my life!

— Candis Wells, ADDC 2001 President