A Message from a Member

I became a Buckeye Desk & Derrick Club (BDDC) member about two years ago. I joined Marathon Petroleum Company (MPC) as an experienced hire in July of 2013 in Commercial Credit as a senior financial analyst supporting our Supply, Distribution & Planning organization (SD&P). Although my background included many years in credit and related finance work, the energy sector is unique in how it manages credit risk. On top of that, I knew very little about the energy industry and in particular refining. It was a steep learning curve. To help with that learning process, I looked for educational opportunities to find out more on the industry. At an MPC “onboarding” event, several clubs and organizations presented to people that had been with MPC less than a year. The vast majority in the audience were fresh from college. Most of these clubs were not a fit for me. So, clubs like Findlay Young Professionals with an age max of 35, did not work. However, a long-time and very active BDDC member, Natalie McClelland, spoke on behalf of the organization. She was and is amazing. She described the various activities of the organization including sponsoring and organizing a wide variety of lunch and learns, several of which I previously attended. These lunch and learns were on important industry topics and presented very well by MPC leaders. They were extremely valuable. Additionally, Natalie described fields trips to areas of interest within the energy industry and regional and national meetings of ADDC, among others. She has attended many of these events and she presented a slide deck of her extensive experiences. In addition, the organization sponsors college scholarships through its own fundraising activities. I was hooked. I went to my first club meeting shortly thereafter and subsequently became a member. About a year and a half ago, I transitioned into another role at MPC within our Financial Analysis & Leasing group. Last year, BDDC organized a field trip to an ethanol plant. The timing was perfect because I was working on not one but several ethanol related projects, so the ethanol plant tour really helped. I continue to attend the lunch and learns. This year, the club has organized for each of the officers and vice presidents within MPC to speak at our lunch and learns. As you can imagine, that is not an easy task, particularly given the tight and varied schedules of these leaders. However, the club makes it happen. The club is wonderful. It is highly organized, professional, active and I am proud to be a member.

— Bob Nicholson, Senior Financial Analyst, Financial Analysis & Leasing, Marathon Petroleum Company LP