Passion for D&D

I was asked recently why I had a Passion for Desk and Derrick and it certainly didn’t take me long to answer this question. Although there are many, many answers that can be given by many members, I can only attest to mine. The education and knowledge about this Industry that has been afforded to me and the life-long friendships that I have formed, fuels this Passion that I have for this outstanding Association.

Passion – the desire, hunger, thirst and appetite! In this case for Education in a field that I knew nothing about when I began my career in the Oil and Gas Industry.

It began when I joined the Corpus Christ Desk and Derrick Club in 1979. My husband was transferred by his company and I immediately began looking for a job. I had never worked in the oil and gas industry, but a position became open with a company called “J3 Drilling Company”. I had absolutely no experience in this field, but had been a Secretary for ten plus years, so I applied and got the job on the spot. The individual that I worked for was a Member of Desk and Derrick and she suggested that I attend a meeting with her. One of the very first members of D&D that I met was Jo Rogers, along with Martha Thielhorn and Gloria Cervantes. Some long standing members may remember these wonderful ladies, so you can understand why I was in complete awe of each of these members. Jo Rogers immediately had me signed up as a member and shortly thereafter made sure I was involved with various club committees and the “Bug” had taken hold of me.

Shortly thereafter I attended my first Region IV Meeting, and met Marie Gummelt, the Region IV Director from of the Victoria Club. At this Regional Meeting was the first time I met Lurl Andrus, Gladys Watford, Ruth Ann Spears, Bettye Miller, Dimple Zeiger, Loretta Owens, Carolyn Malone, Joan Blair and the list could go on and on! And I was totally star struck of members that had been in the Association for some time. Some of you will not know these ladies, all members of Region IV and greater part of the Association, and I am sorry that you haven’t had that wonderful opportunity. Later that year I attend my first ADDC Convention and again, in complete awe and amazement of this fantastic membership and enthusiasm of such an Association. I was hooked, in a good way.

My love affair with Desk and Derrick was in full bloom. In January, 1980 my husband and I returned to San Antonio and I was fortunate to find a position with an oil and gas company before we moved back home. I began my career with Rio Grande Drilling Company and Guy Bob Buschman in 1980, where our office was downtown and some of the other employees were members of Desk and Derrick. I immediately went to the meeting in January and transferred my membership to the San Antonio Desk and Derrick Club. Our company was a big supporter of Desk and Derrick. Guy Bob Buschman and his father, Robert Buschman have both been “Boss of the Year” for the San Antonio Club. As a note, I am still employed with Guy Bob Buschman!

At my first meeting with the San Antonio Desk and Derrick Club, I met one of my lifetime mentors, Frances Hidell. Anyone who knew Frances can truly understand why, as a fairly new member to D&D, I would call her a Mentor for the rest of my life. There were so many wonderful ladies (remember in 1979 membership was only open to women employed in the industry) that I was introduced to, but Frances was the individual who was one of the ultimate Desk and Derrick Members!

My Passion with Desk and Derrick was pushed, prodded and encouraged by Frances Hidell to become more involved with our Club and Association. First by volunteering to serve on Club Committees, later as Region IV Representative for several ADDC committees, serving as the San Antonio Desk and Derrick Club President two times and becoming the 1996 Region IV Director.

Passion for and with Desk and Derrick is not only because of the wonderful, unforgettable friends that you meet, but because of the education and experience that this Association has to offer each member.

As I mentioned earlier, I had NO experience in the oil and gas industry when I started in 1979. But only because of Desk and Derrick – through the monthly meetings, club field trips, seminars and field trips at the Regional Meetings and ADDC Conventions, have I been able to grow and learn about this Industry. It would take too long to mention all of those wonderful people that I have met along the way at Conventions that have been a part of my journey.

I am a firm believe that each and every day, I learn something new. Desk and Derrick gives every member the ability to “learn something new every day”, because of the education that is afforded to everyone at meetings, field trips and seminars. Each month your club has a speaker – You as a member attend and learn about that various facets in the Industry. You as a member go on Field Trips, attend Seminars and become educated in something that probably isn’t your field of expertise. But that was a day YOU learned something new”.

It is hard to believe that I have been a Member of Desk and Derrick for thirty-seven (37) years! The friendships that I have formed over these years are second to none! We may not see each other every day, but if we see one another at a Regional Meeting or at Convention – it’s like we just saw each other the day before. Desk and Derrick is a family, a group of individuals that will come to your side whenever and wherever! This is part of my Passion for D&D, the bond and family that is formed by getting together at Club, Regional or Annual Convention Meetings.

Definitely there have been many changes in Desk and Derrick over the years, which have made us a stronger, more professional organization and open to a more diverse group. With the addition of male members and adding the “allied industries” – this Organization can and will continue to sustain the current downturn.

Over these years, my Passion has not diminished! Although there have been several years where family obligations kept me from participating to the extent that I wanted to – but never would I let my membership go! It is too important to me as a Member.

Today my Passion and involvement with the Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs continues and is set on “full throttle”. Serving as a 2016 Director for the San Antonio Desk and Derrick Club and honored to be the 2016 ADDC Contest Committee Chairman, my Passion is as strong – if not stronger than ever and it will continue to grow. I want to see our Club and Association soar to new heights.

There are many, many members that have this same Passion about Desk and Derrick. At your next Membership Meeting, take notice of the number of years that some individuals have continued to be a part of this Association. There is a good reason for it – Passion to continue to grow, to continue to learn and to continue the amazing friendships that have formed.

How very fortunate I have been that this desire, thirst, hunger – this PASSION for D&D has continued for all these years. Some of my Mentors and great friends are no longer here, but now I have new Mentors and amazing friends. And how blessed I have been that I have a family that supports and understands this thing called - My Passion for Desk and Derrick.

— Evelyn Green