Musings from a sixty-year Desk and Derrick member

SIXTY YEARS have passed since a defining decision was made by me. In 1954, I became a member of the newly-organized Desk and Derrick Club of Little Egypt. At the time, I was working with an attorney whose specialty was mineral law, and I also was part-owner of an oil and gas lease management company.

EDUCATION, the art of learning, was a deciding factor – it was apparent that I could be more proficient, having an opportunity to learn more about the varied facets of my work. Therefore, joining Desk and Derrick was a no-brainer, and I had the complete support and encouragement of my employer. During sixty years of Desk and Derrick membership, the learning curve has continued and my appreciation for the purpose of Desk and Derrick has never wavered.

FROM THE BEGINNING, it was obvious that recognition of the industry was important and that there was a wealth of information available for a D & D member. The support of industry received by the Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs in the formative years was overwhelming. It was my good fortune to know and work with the founders, and it was a broadening experience to attend my first convention in New York City in 1955 and observe leadership in action. It also encouraged me to take an active role in the Association, and in 1962, it was an honor to serve as the eleventh president of the Association. I am especially proud to have been involved with creation of the Desk and Derrick Educational Trust – the awarding of scholarships to those who plan careers in the industry epitomizes the very purpose for which the Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs was founded.

KNOWLEDGE GAINED…I am still involved with the petroleum industry as a mineral title analyst and consultant and have continued my Desk and Derrick Club membership. The activities that go with being a D&D member – programs, conventions, field trips and networking with others in the industry – all those things have encouraged me during my many years in the petroleum industry. And, suffice it to say, I cherish the many lifelong friendships made through those years.

THE FUTURE holds much promise. I am optimistic about the future of the petroleum, energy and allied industries, and with the ever-changing environment of the world, the purpose of ADDC takes on even more meaning. Our purpose now encompasses a larger spectrum. We, as individuals and as Desk and Derrick Club members, have a greater responsibility today – not only to educate ourselves but also to educate people everywhere - throughout the world - about the importance of the industries we represent. We need to reach out to the many individuals who depend on these industries. We owe it to our employers and to ourselves to be education and energy ambassadors – in keeping with the ADDC motto – GREATER KNOWLEDGE – GREATER SERVICE.

Paula R. Mace
PRM Enterprises, Ltd.
Mt. Vernon, Illinois
1962 President, Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs