What Desk and Derrick Means To Me

Desk and Derrick for me was OPPORTUNITY—opportunity to learn; opportunity to share that knowledge with others; opportunity to make lifelong friendships; and opportunity to be a more valuable member of an industry that has been an integral part of my life for over 50 years. When I attended my first ADDC Convention in Denver in 1977, I was in awe of President B.J. Thorpe, but more than that I watched members who were articulate speakers, extremely knowledgeable about the energy industry, and who were alive and excited in their thirst for knowledge. It was there I dared to dream - to maybe one day become President of the Association. It was a long way to go. I began by getting involved at all levels of our Club. After several positions on the local Club board, I was elected Club President in 1980. I became a sponge for gaining knowledge by attending field trips, participating in seminars, taking courses in public speaking, parliamentary procedures, professional development, you name it. Chairing the General Arrangements Committee for the 1983 ADDC Convention in Calgary was an excellent opportunity to use some of my acquired organizational skills. In 1984 it was my honour and privilege to serve the members of my Region as Director. In 1988, my dream of becoming Association President became reality. Dreams really do come true! What an amazing year in my life 1988 was! The ADDC Convention in Anchorage, Alaska, was an awesome experience. For my theme I chose: "The Creative Approach - Innovate in '88". The Winter Olympics were held in my home city, Calgary, in 1988 so it was "Go for the Gold" in all our endeavours. It was due to membership and knowledge gained in Desk and Derrick that I was honoured in 1984 by being named Canadian Oil Woman of the Year. In 2000 my induction to the Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame, followed by induction to the Saskatchewan Petroleum Hall of Fame in 2001, were further honours for which I thank Desk and Derrick. Membership in Desk and Derrick has truly been a golden key to greater knowledge, greater service. Take advantage of the opportunity to become a member - you will never regret it.

— Helen R. Turgeon, 1988 ADDC President