Shoveling Sand — A Testimonial

Encouraging participation in Desk and Derrick is the most effective thing a good manager can do to build morale and to increase productivity. There is nothing that I know of that can return more to the business and to the employee... Read more...

John V. White
John V. White
Vice President Aviation
Valero Energy Corporation

A Message from a Desk and Derrick Scholarship Recipient

Enter the Desk and Derrick Scholarship. With a mission to "build the future of the petroleum, energy and allied industries through scholarships," the scholarship helped do exactly that... Read more...

Jay Paul McWilliams
LOGOS Resources, LLC.

A Message from a Member

I became a Buckeye Desk & Derrick Club (BDDC) member about two years ago. I joined Marathon Petroleum Company (MPC) as an experienced hire in July of 2013 in Commercial Credit as a senior financial analyst supporting our Supply, Distribution & Planning organization... Read more...

Bob Nicholson
Senior Financial Analyst, Financial Analysis & Leasing,
Marathon Petroleum Company LP

A Message from a Club President

The Buckeye Desk and Derrick Club was something I had heard about from a co-worker and I finally got the courage to go to a lunch and learn. I didn’t know much about the organization, but I knew that I wanted to know more about Marathon and the industry I was now working for... Read more...

Carrie Harmon
2017 Buckeye Club President, Region I

Why I Love D&D

Desk and Derrick is special: it is not only the knowledge we gain, but the constant encouragement and support from our fellow members that ensure our success! I feel that is the difference – the friendships made and the caring for one another that is always there! Read more...

Theresa Adams
Theresa Adams
2000 ADDC President

A Message from 2001 ADDC President

EDUCATION – I have learned so many things about our industry! Things that I may never "use" in my part of the oil patch, but interesting things that I have thoroughly enjoyed!... Read more...

Candis Wells
Candis Wells
2001 ADDC President

Passion for D&D

I was asked recently why I had a Passion for Desk and Derrick and it certainly didn’t take me long to answer this question. Although there are many, many answers that can be given by many members, I can only attest to mine. The education and knowledge about this Industry that has been afforded to me and the life-long friendships that I have formed, fuels this Passion that I have for this outstanding Association. Read more...

Evelyn Green
Evelyn Green
2017 ADDC Region IV Director

A Message from 2012 ADDC President

The knowledge and experience gained from programs, field trips, and seminars presented at all levels have proven to be very valuable in my career with Shell Exploration... Read more...

Judi Adams

Judi Adams
2012 ADDC President

Musings from a Sixty-Year Desk And Derrick Member

EDUCATION, the art of learning, was a deciding factor — it was apparent that I could be more proficient, having an opportunity to learn more about the varied facets of my work. Therefore, joining Desk and Derrick was a no-brainer, and I had the complete support and encouragement of my employer... Read more...

Paula R. Mace
Paula R. Mace
PRM Enterprises, Ltd.
1962 ADDC President

A Message from 1974 ADDC President

When I joined Desk and Derrick over 50 years ago, I had no idea I would end my "career" in the energy field speaking to audiences on how energy affects our lives every day... Read more...

Flo Messall
Flo Messall
1974 ADDC President

What Desk And Derrick Means to Me

Desk and Derrick for me was OPPORTUNITY — opportunity to learn; opportunity to share that knowledge with others; opportunity to make lifelong friendships; and opportunity to be a more valuable member of an industry that has been an integral part of my life for over 50 years... Read more...

Helen Turgeon
Helen R. Turgeon
1988 ADDC President

A Message from 1978 ADDC President

Looking back, the knowledge I learned — from fusing plastic pipe to North Slope and Norway’s Ekofisk was an educational experience you can’t buy. An added bonus was the personal development and friendships that were made... Read more...

Dixie Lee
Dixie Lee
1978 ADDC President